21 February 2012

Years later...

Quick catchup:
  1. TWU kicked ass. Surpassed any expectations I had about it. Bangalore is an amazing city, my mates there were great people and so were the trainers.
  2. So far I've worked in two different projects on ThoughtWorks. Professional growth has been amazing. Hell, personal growth has been amazing too. ThoughtWorks greatest asset is really its people. 
  3. Unexpectedly, I've became a proficient Java developer. I had amazing project mates both on TWU and my first client facing project to help me get there. With a critical view and the right development practices and tools, Java is not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm still not fond of the language, but I've learned that TDD, good OO practices, a CI pipeline, and a good team make the productivity gap between technologies much smaller than it did for my small personal projects.
  4. The office in Porto Alegre is a great environment and I have to say it again: it's because of the people. It was great even when it was in the improvised space of unoccupied research labs in the CompSci building in TecnoPuc.
  5. I've been to San Francisco, US for 4 weeks. Had a great time in there, had the chance to create strong bonds with my team and meet the client. Really cool experience. It's amazing being a developer with a mere 1 year experience and have the chance to be close to the business you're helping out.
And right now, here I am, on my first paid vacations ever, in Aguas Dulces, Uruguay for the last day. But it's just end of part one, Letícia and I are soon getting a bus to Montevideo for part two of our trip.

Well, there I go, removed the stigma of not posting in the blog for ages. Now I can start using this again.